Spatial Sciences Institute Biennial Conference

July 5, 2005

Welcome to SSC 2005

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The SSC2005 Conference will be opened by The Honourable Marsha Thomson, Minister, Information and Communication Technology and Consumer Affairs, Victoria.

The conference organising committee invites you to participate in the Spatial Sciences Institute biennial conference, SSC2005, in Melbourne.

The theme of the SSC 2005 conference is Spatial Intelligence, Innovation and Praxis and aims to demonstrate initiatives in the spatial industry and to provide a forum for ongoing discussions relating to their applicability to the community.

Spatial Intelligence, Innovation and Praxis addresses many challenges faced by society:

  • our relationship with the environment;
  • meeting the demanding challenges of equitable service delivery to all within our society;
  • public/business/government interfaces;
  • government – local/state/federal – how to accommodate and develop all interests;
  • the migration of theory to practice; and
  • standardisation and the successful integration of spatial information into the decision making process.

The conference will focus on how spatial intelligence can be utilised to assist in delivering opportunity to the citizen and government and commercial sectors. It will provide real world examples of how the spatial community is successfully meeting the challenges through policy, technology and innovation.

In keeping with SSI philosophy, the conference offers the opportunity for the spatial community to actively participate in all conference aspects – workshops, presentations, site visits, exhibitions and networking.

  • Notification of Abstract Submissions
  • Refereed Paper Submissions

Important Dates
Abstract Submission Closes NOW CLOSED
Abstract Acceptance Notification Friday 29 April 2005
Refereed Paper Submission Deadline Wednesday 1 June 2005
Non-Refereed Paper Submission Deadline Monday 1 August 2005
Presenter Registration Deadline Friday 5 August 2005
Early Registration Fee Ends Friday 19 August 2005

July 4, 2005


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View Program Timetable

Workshops and Site Visits

  • Click here to view the complete list of workshops.
  • Click here to view the complete list of site visits.

  • The SSC2005 Conference will be opened by:

    The Honourable Marsha Thomson
    Minister, Information and Communication Technology and Consumer Affairs, Victoria

    Keynote Speakers

    Professor Fraser Taylor
    Department of Geography & Environmental Studies
    Carleton University, Canada

    Mr Styli Camateros
    Vertical Executive, Bentley Geospatial
    Vice President, Bentley Systems

    Mr Rod Oram, Adjunct Professor
    Unitec, Auckland

    Mr Stuart Nixon
    CEO and Founder, ER Mapper

    Plenary Speakers

  • Professor Michael Goodchild
  • Ms Dianne Haley
  • Mr Franz Leberl
  • Mr Bruce Thompson

  • Professor Fraser Taylor

    Professor Taylor received his M.A. and Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Edinburgh and did post graduate work at the University of London and Harvard University. Currently he is Distinguished Research Professor of International Affairs and Geography and Environmental Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Professor Taylor is also Director of two research units – the Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre and the Centre for Development, Research and Training.

    Professor Taylor’s main research interests in cartography lie in the application of geomatics to the understanding of socio-economic issues. He also has a strong interest in the theory of cartography and in cartographic education.

    Mr Styli Camateros

    Mr Camateros has a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics and a Masters degree in Computer Science both from McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Mr. Camateros worked in the consulting engineering community, then with Hewlett-Packard and finally in the Information Technology consulting community, before founding HMR Inc. in 1991. As President of HMR Inc., Mr Camateros led the team that developed the Geospatial imaging products MicroStation Descartes and ModelServer Imager. During his tenure, HMR Inc. became the Bentley Strategic Affiliate for Imaging in 1997 and then merged with Bentley in April 2000. As a Bentley executive Mr Camateros, has occupied the role of Vice President of Imaging and Publishing Technologies, Vice President of Product Management for Content Management and Publishing Products and now occupies that of Vertical Executive of Bentley Geospatial.

    Mr Rod Oram, Adjunct Professor

    Rod Oram has 30 years’ experience as an international financial journalist. Mr Oram has worked in Europe and North America for leading publications such as the Financial Times of London. Mr Oram and his family emigrated from the UK to New Zealand in 1997. Mr Oram is currently Contributing Editor at Unlimited, a New Zealand monthly business magazine; a columnist for the Sunday Star-Times; a regular broadcaster on radio and television; a frequent public speaker; and an occasional correspondent for the Financial Times. Mr Oram is an Adjunct Professor in the business faculty at Unitec, the country’s technology tertiary institution.

    Mr Stuart Nixon

    Since founding ER Mapper in 1989, Stuart Nixon has been at the forefront of geospatial imagery solutions. Mr Nixon has applied passion and determination with innovative thinking to solve the unique challenges posed by geospatial imagery. Mr Nixon is the inventor of the industry standard ECW image format that is used by millions worldwide, architect of the ER Mapper application Image Web Server.

    With creative solutions for today’s imagery problems and with a frank and bold vision for tomorrow’s opportunities, Mr Nixon continues to drive the geospatial imagery industry.

    In his spare time, Mr Nixon is an avid photographer and explorer of the Australian Outback.

    Professor Michael Goodchild

    Michael F. Goodchild is Professor of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara; Chair of the Executive Committee, National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA); Associate Director of the Alexandria Digital Library Project; and Director of NCGIA’s Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science. He received his BA degree from Cambridge University in Physics in 1965 and his PhD in Geography from McMaster University in 1969.

    After 19 years at the University of Western Ontario, including three years as Chair, he moved to Santa Barbara in 1988. He was Director of NCGIA from 1991 to 1997. He was elected member of the National Academy of Sciences and Foreign Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada in 2002. He has received honorary doctorates from Laval University (1999), Keele University (2001), McMaster University (2004), and Ryerson University (2004).

    In 1990 he was given the Canadian Association of Geographers Award for Scholarly Distinction, in 1996 the Association of American Geographers award for Outstanding Scholarship, in 1999 the Canadian Cartographic Association’s Award of Distinction for Exceptional Contributions to Cartography, and in 2002 the Educator of the Year Award from the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science.

    In 2001 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. He was Editor of Geographical Analysis between 1987 and 1990, and serves on the editorial boards of ten other journals and book series. In 2000 he was appointed Editor of the Methods, Models, and Geographic Information Sciences section of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers.

    His major publications include Accuracy of Spatial Databases (1989); Geographical Information Systems: Principles and Applications (1991); Environmental Modeling with GIS (1993); GIS and Environmental Modeling: Progress and Research Issues (1996); Scale in Remote Sensing and GIS (1997); Interoperating Geographic Information Systems (1999); Geographical Information Systems: Principles, Techniques, Management and Applications (1999); Geographic Information Systems and Science (2001); Spatial Uncertainty in Ecology (2001); Spatial Data Quality (2002); Uncertainty in Geographical Information (2002); Foundations of Geographic Information Science (2003); and Spatially Integrated Social Science (2004); in addition he is author of some 350 scientific papers.

    He was Chair of the National Research Council’s Mapping Science Committee from 1997 to 1999; has been a member of NRC’s Commission on Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications; and is currently a member of NRC’s Geographic Science Committee. His current research interests center on geographic information science, spatial analysis, the future of the library, and uncertainty in geographic data.

    Ms Dianne Haley

    Ms Dianne Haley has worked in the field of automated mapping and GIS for 30 years. Ms Haley is currently the GIS Program Coordinator at the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, responsible for the implementation and coordination of an Enterprise GIS Program. Previously Ms Haley worked for The City of Calgary for twenty-one years, where she was involved in the implementation of GIS throughout the corporation.

    Ms Haley has a BSc in Geography (Queen’s University), a Certificate in Information Systems Management (University of Calgary), a Certificate in Theoretical and Applied GIS (Simon Fraser University), and an MSc in GIS ( University of Huddersfield).

    Dr Franz Leberl

    Dr Franz Leberl grew up in Austria and received his degrees from Vienna University of Technology. Dr Leberl worked in the Netherlands, California, Minnesota, Colorado and Austria. Today Dr Leberl is a chaired professor of Computer Science at Graz University of Technology in Graz (Austria, currently part time), founder/shareholder of Vexcel Corporation in Boulder (Colorado) and CEO of Vexcel Imaging (Austria), manufacturer of the UltraCam Digital Large Format Aerial Camera. In the period 2000-2004 Dr Leberl was President of Commission III (Theory and Algorithms) of the International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS). Dr Leberl’s awards include the the Otto-von-Gruber Medal from the ISPRS (1976) and the Fairchild Award from ASPRS (1991). Dr Leberl is a Fellow of the IEEE (1996).

    Mr Bruce Thompson

    Mr Bruce Thompson is Director of Spatial Information Infrastructure, in the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment. Mr Thompson is responsible for development and direction of Victoria’s whole-of-Government spatial information strategy and policies, and for the management of the Victoria’s spatial information infrastructure. The two key components of this program are the Victorian Spatial Information Strategy, and Vicmap, Victoria’s spatial information and mapping resources.

    Mr Thompson is actively involved with the development of national spatial policy, and national spatial information industry development as the Victorian member of the Australia New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC), and as the Victorian director of PSMA Australia. Mr Thompson also represents Victoria on the board of the Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information.

    Instructions for Authors

    Refereed Paper Submissions:
    An email message regarding refereed papers was sent out to contact authors on 1 June 2005. The email includes instructions for the submission of papers and a unique web page address to allow authors to upload their documents. If you have not received this email you may not be the nominated contact author or your nominated email address is incorrect/invalid. Please contact if you believe you should have been notified and have not received an email, or if you have any concerns or difficulties with the upload process.

    If you have submitted an abstract that has been accepted please click here for instructions on submitting refereed and non-refereed papers and posters.

    Notification of Abstract Submissions

    Email notification to presenters, regarding abstract submissions, was forwarded on 21 April 2005. If you were not in receipt of this notification or have any queries regarding your submission please contact

    July 3, 2005


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    NOTE: Program is subject to change.


    Keynote Plenary Concurrent Careers Session Other Poster

    Wednesday, 14 September 2005

    OTH 01

    Official Opening

    John Batman Theatre


    PL 01

    Keynote – Stuart Nixon

    John Batman Theatre



    PL 02

    Plenary – Mike Goodchild

    John Batman Theatre



    CC 01


    Corryong 1

    CC 02

    Spatial Data Infrastructure 1

    John Batman Theatre

    CC 03

    Spatial Analysis

    Corryong 3/4

    CC 04

    Cartography and Visualisation 1

    Corryong 2



    CC 05

    Remote Sensing 1

    Corryong 1

    CC 06

    Spatial Data Infrastructure 2

    John Batman Theatre

    CC 07

    Location Based Services 1

    Corryong 2

    CC 08

    Emergency Management

    Corryong 3/4



    CC 09

    Remote Sensing 2

    Corryong 1

    CC 10

    Spatial Data Infrastructure 3

    John Batman Theatre

    CC 11

    Surveying 1

    Corryong 2

    CC 12

    Spatial Information 1

    Corryong 3/4


    PS 01

    YP Cocktails and Poster Session


    Thursday, 15 September 2005

    CC 13

    Remote Sensing 3

    Corryong 1

    CC 14

    Spatial Data Infrastructure 4

    John Batman Theatre

    CC 15

    Spatial Information 2

    Corryong 3/4

    CC 16

    Surveying 2

    Corryong 2



    PL 03

    Keynote – Styli Camateros

    John Batman Theatre



    PL 04

    Plenary – Bruce Thompson

    John Batman Theatre



    CC 17


    Corryong 3/4

    CC 18

    Spatial Data Infrastructure 5

    John Batman Theatre

    CC 19

    Cartography and Visualisation 2

    Corryong 1

    CC 20

    Surveying 3

    Corryong 2



    CC 21


    Corryong 1

    CC 22

    Spatial Data Infrastructure 6

    John Batman Theatre

    CC 23

    Spatial Information 3

    Corryong 3/4

    CC 24

    Surveying 4

    Corryong 2



    PL 05

    Keynote – Rod Oram

    John Batman Theatre

    CS 01

    Careers Session for High School Students

    PL 06

    Plenary – Dianne Haley

    John Batman Theatre



    Friday, 16 September 2005

    CC 25

    Remote Sensing 4

    Corryong 1

    CC 26

    Spatial Data Infrastructure 7

    John Batman Theatre

    CC 27

    Spatial Information 4

    Corryong 3/4

    CC 28

    Cartography and Visualisation 3

    Corryong 2



    PL 07

    Keynote – Fraser Taylor

    John Batman Theatre



    PL 08

    Plenary – Franz Leberl

    John Batman Theatre



    CC 29

    Remote Sensing 5

    Corryong 1

    CC 30


    Corryong 2

    CC 31

    Spatial Information 5

    John Batman Theatre

    CC 32

    Location Based Services 2

    Corryong 3/4



    CC 33

    Remote Sensing 6

    Corryong 1

    CC 34

    Spatial Data Infrastructure 8

    John Batman Theatre

    CC 35

    Spatial Information 6

    Corryong 3/4

    CC 36

    Mobile Spatial Information

    Corryong 2




    OTH 02

    Closing and Conference Awards

    John Batman Theatre


    June 9, 2005


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